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Results for Final race

Dear Friends

Congratulations to every single fancier who participated in this year's series. You, all of you are awesome. Nothing happens without you all. So my hats off to you all and my thanks go out to every one of you.

Well, the final 400-mile race was a “humdinger” the winning birds hurtling home at speeds of 1812 plus ypm. Just awesome. The first bird was a Canadian bred entry, entered by the ‘SAGENESS Loft” of Ontario, and the second-place bird was bred by Olson Family Loft of Minnesota. The first two birds shared a total of $130,000.00 US ( $65,000.00 each)Dac family loft of Floria comes in third, followed by 33Miami Storm Loft also of Florida and in 5th Sam Younan of Illinois and El Dorado lofts of British Colombia, Canada runs in 6th with 4Generations also of British Colombia in 7th, Floridas Me Fui Vega Loft in 8th followed by New Mexico’s Ken Easley and Son Racing loft in 9th and Dean Farmer of Illinois in 10th.

Congrats to all of you world-class birds for a world-class event.Well done and we had great returns with some 636 home.

Now as regARDS THE Average speed results. These are an incredible group of powerful athletes and New Mexicos Ken Easley and Son Racing walks or rather flies away with 1st and top honors, followed in second by Bill Mitiu of Florida, Baldwin and Tillson of North Carolina scored 3rd, Lian Loft Vladimir 59 Perez of Florida in 4th, Vita loft closes in on 5th and Silvercreek Loft of Ontario slides in at 6th, followed close by with Florida Me Fui Vega Loft and Dean Farmer plowing through the crowd to register 8th. Congratulations to all of you, super birds' super performances.

To all of you, the 500 is scheduled to take place next Sunday. So very little time is left to advise whether you and your birds are in. We already have 100 birds committed so do not miss outreach out to me to ensure your birds are entered.

Thank you all, every one of you, you are all champions in my eyes because you all choose to compete!

Season 21/22 will be one great new season.

Thank you all nothing happens without you all.

Best Regards

Big Andy


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