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Monday March 30th - 250 mile race & prizes

Dear Friends: I truly do hope that you are all well. It is a difficult time for everyone across America and Canada.

Stay strong, we will all make it through this very difficult period!

Now on to the race. Monday March 30th is our next race at the 250-mile station.

The prize breakdown will be as follows:

1st - 5th place - $1000 each

6th - 10th place - $750 each

11th-15th place - $500 each

If you wish to participate in the added feature the BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD categories ($100, $200.00,$300.00) please contact me directly.

The split for these added features is 50%/30%/20%.

An important reminder given the current conditions regarding the coronavirus we will not be hosting visitors to our location.

Good luck to all the participants.

Best Regards

Big Andy


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