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Congrats to the Final race winners!

Dear Friends

Well, the final race of our 5th season enters the record books. Held on Good Friday, April 10th, 2020 from Cummings, Georgia a distance of 396.87 miles to the home loft. It was a super day that saw 564 birds basketed for the race and as of today's date, some 454 birds have been clocked. To say that it was a fast race would be an understatement. I was pleased that our team here at BIG ANDYS had the birds in super form, as I had already previously advised. The speeds and returns speak to the level of care all of your entries received here at Big Andys! I am proud of the performances you should be too.

The first drop of two birds shared equally $140,000.00 Us each walking away with $70,000.00. Not bad in anyone's books for sure. This should be incentive enough for not only return entries but also new entries to our race in 2021. The winning speed of this two bird drop was 2011.70 YPM.!st through the hole was Q-Ba Loft of Texas and 2nd was 98 MJ of Pennsylvania. Well done boys super performances super pigeons!

The second drop also consisted of two birds at a speed of 1997.63 YPM with Canadian “mushroom kings” Furlano and Rotiroti walking away with 3rd and $15,000.00 followed by Pineda9 Loft of California in 4th and winnings of a cool $10,000.00. That no doubt will put a real dent in the feed bills. These boys will be back in 2021 I am sure.

5th with $7000.00 in winnings at a speed of 1967.442 goes to 385 Connectors of South Carolina and 6th place with $5,000.00 in winnings goes to A-Lo Loft/Nemelka of Utah. Please visit our site to view the complete results showing that the first 60 positions earned money.

Great performances, great contestants, great pigeons tested against some of the finest bred racing pigeons in the world! Super birds, super health, super speeds, super prizes at a super Big Andy’s one loft race in Florida. Thanks to all of our super entrants, nothing is possible without your support. Thanks to all of our staff here at the home base because it takes a BIG  support team to make “BIG Andy’s” race.

In conclusion, there remains only one final order of business to deal with and that is the advice of the RACE COMMITTEE DECISION on AU 19 HRPC 2992 (Lian Loft Vladimir 59 Perez). The first 65 birds returning from the Final Race on 4/10/20 were placed in a separate section in the loft after arrival.  In reviewing the 65 birds it was found that AU 19 HRPC 2992 was in the group of 65 birds but had not clocked.  We have known through both video evidence reviewed and the clocking system that the bird was not in the first 2 drops of 2 birds each as those two drops arrived as 2 birds in each drop and clocked as 2 birds.  Unfortunately, there is no way to determine what position this bird arrived in given the sizes of the subsequent drops.

Therefore the  Big Andy One Loft Race Committee after careful consideration and discussion of this situation has decided to place the bird in 66th place as the rules do not specify how to handle this specific situation.  The rules do state that the Race Committee has the opportunity to “make any decisions, and all decisions are final.”  Therefore our decision is the final decision of the Race Committee.  The breeder/owner of the bird has been contacted and, while disappointed, accepts the Race Committee’s decision.

Best Regards

Big Andy

PS: In 2 weeks we are holding a 500-mile race ( weather permitting) 70 birds are already entered. Entry fee $250.00 per bird. We are looking for 150 entries. Last year at that entry-level we were able to pay out $10,000.00 for 1st. So entries will dictate final prizes.


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