• Big Andy

500 mile race next Sunday- over 200+ birds participating!

Hi Everyone, hope all is good... remember that we are going to have the 500 miles race next Sunday! Please be reminded that tomorrow will be the last day to get in the race. We now have over 200+ birds in the race and we will have $10,000 for first prize and it's going to be in clocking order. So please if you're interested, we would like to hear from you by tomorrow. It's the last day to get in as we need to get the birds ready for the race. If you have any questions please feel free to call me Regards,



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Claim your birds before this Sunday...

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500 mile race shipping Tonight!

Hi everyone, today we are going to ship for the 500 mile race., We have over 300+ birds so we will confirm again the numbers tonight after shipping. It will be in clocking order: 1st 12000, 2nd 7500,

57 miles Training today!

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