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Caution is the better Part of Valor

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to quote from Shakespeare's HENRY the IV Part 1:


What do we or should we understand this quote to mean? Well in short it means that sometimes it's better to be cautious and avoid making rash decisions. The trust that fanciers place in me means that I take that trust seriously and try never to put your birds at risk if I can avoid it.

Full steam ahead!

Yes, it has been some time since our last update. No need to wonder or speculate as to what the alleged delays might be. What follows is exactly where we are as of today’s date.

Training is ongoing and we are now picking up the pace.

I am very pleased with the health of all of the birds as well as how very well they are all flying. The health in the loft is just great which is key to having a great series of races and building up conditions to our key events. If you have been paying attention in Florida we have been confronted with unusual weather conditions that required us to exercise caution in our training. The training delays were therefore unavoidable given the weather conditions that confronted us and our overall commitment to the safety of the birds. By not exposing the birds to unnecessary risks we were able to avoid unacceptable losses.

Our prudent approach has paid off and the good news is that we still have around 1032+ birds in the loft. Hawks are under control although they continue to dive and attack the birds from time to time.

Here are the tentative breakdown of the race schedule and prize money:

100 Miles Activation Race - Feb 23-24

March 10 - 150 Mile Race

March 17 - 200 Mile Race

March 24 - 250 Mile race

March 31 - Final 350 to 400 Mile Race

APRIL 14 - 450 Mile Long Distance Race

Here are some of what's at stake for the guaranteed Prizes:

1st Prize - $100,000

2nd Prize - $50,000

Brand new Car OR $20,000 Cash prize - 450 Mile Race

We will update again the prize money after the activation race has ended.

Best Regards

Big Andy


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