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October update

Dear Friends : For the past 11 days I have been shell shocked. All I could think about were the so very sad events at the Hoosier Classic and the stress and devastation that the Ward Family must be going through. As an operator of a one loft race how would I survive such an act of terror, for that matter how would all of the other operators across the USA and Canada respond. In the face of such evil I think that many would be so emotionally devastated that they would just give up in frustration, depression and anger. To the Ward family I offer whatever support I can, I offer my prayers that you all may heal, my condolences, I offer my sympathy, I offer my good wishes but most important Jim and Kelly you can count on me to enter the “Hoosier Classic 2020” and every year after that. I have friends, associates, clients around the world and I encourage all of you, all of my friends, all of the supporters of “Big Andy’s One Loft Race” to breed one or even multiple teams and have them ready to enter the “Hoosier 2020”. The burning of the “Hoosier” loft in the early morning hours of Oct 13 2019 , if proven to be arson, as we all suspect given the nature of the fire, can only be seen as an attack intended to intimidate and discourage and destroy the “biggest” race in North America. But for those who really have eyes to see and ears to hear it was so much more than an attack on the Wards and their race! IT WAS AN ATTACK ON ALL OF US, on every racing pigeon enthusiast that entered the “Hoosier” on every single person that wanted to test their breeding program against the very best in the world, on every person that flew or drove to “Michigan City”. We, collectively, were all attacked by those that chose the cover of night to cover their activities. We were all attacked, it was more than an attack against the Ward Family it was an attack against your family and mine! Our response, as a racing pigeon sport should be to support the “Hoosier” race so that it comes back bigger and better than ever. So Jim and Kelly you can count on my continued participation and I ask all those entrants who were indirectly attacked on the 13th of October to do the same. Send letters, phone calls, emails in support of “Hoosier 2020” and stand up for our sport, for the Ward family, for our right to compete without intimidation. The Friday and Saturday events at Hoosier were upbeat, the comradery was exceptional, the people were having a truly great time. The Ganus visit was extremely well attended, and the Ganus Family are great hosts, it’s an exceptional series of lofts in a park like setting .Just beautiful. The Ganus Family auction took place at the insistence of the Ward family certainly well over 100 plus fanciers enjoyed the barbeque, the great food, the pumpkin pies and pasteries and the originally “named” beverages. It was great meeting Mike, Sam Younan, Danny Chico, Frank, Jim Gabler, “ The Barbeque and pig roasting master John The Greek”, Wes Karski, Paolo Furlano, Robert Rotiroti, Martin Hechanova ( took hundreds of photos) Ken Easley, Lou Coletta and I think I even saw Silvio smile once or twice. Finally the Ganus family showed incredible support and used the proceeds of the sale to cover the costs of the “ Hoosier” banquet on Sunday the 13th. My hats off to the Ganus Family that is real class! Ok so now to Big Andy’s race our entries resident in our loft number approximately 1800 subject to final confirmation as soon as we do the inventory.. Health to date is great. Thank you all for your support of Big Andy’s One Loft Race. Nothing happens without your participation. Best Regards BIG ANDY 


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