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1700 entries, enter now only 7 days remaining!

Dear Friends:

What can I say I am just delighted and overjoyed with the continued support of our one loft race here in Florida.

I can not stress enough that without you, without dedicated and enthusiastic fanciers from across North America and Europe

We could never succeed.We have 1700 entries with a full 8 days remaining for others to send entries.On any given day your entries could indeed score, but you must enter in order to win!

In our continuing efforts to make our facilities ever more pigeon friendly always more health friendly we have undertaken renovations and modifications that have kept our team very busy.

The birds are just shining I am so very pleased!

To all of our entrants “I can not do it without you”! You make Big Andy’s one loft race a success.

I look forward to 2020 and in my books each and every one of you is already a winner. Your entries in our race, and in all of the other great one loft races are what makes magic happen.

Hope to see you all here at the final race, what can I say “It’s worth the drive to Big Andy’s One Loft Race” and who knows 2020 could be your BIG YEAR!

Thank you all.

Best Regards

Big Andy


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