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Over 600 birds in the loft now + it's the Final auction day on PIPA for the winning birds in Sea

Dear Friends

Absolutely delighted to advise that there are just over 600 birds in the loft already for the 2019/2020 racing season. I am excited, the 2020 race will be a great event!

I want to thank all our entrants, all our supporters, for helping us make the Big Andy’s One Loft event world class. Remember that June 5th, tomorrow the winners from the 2018/2019 event will be highlighted on PIPA the worlds most exclusive pigeon auction site. Please visit the auction at https://auctions.pipa.be/en/auction/2019-06-big-andys-one-loft-race-usa and best of luck to all of the winners. Big Andy provides winners with this unique opportunity to showcase the top birds on PIPA! It’s just an added, very special perk available to the winning breeders.

But remember you need to compete, you need to enter your birds in order to win.

2020 will be an incredible year for one loft racing and Big Andy is working hard to make 2020 even more special.

Thank you for your support together we can make history!

Best Regards

Big Andy


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