Dear Friends : For the past 11 days I have been shell shocked. All I could think about were the so very sad events at the Hoosier Classic and the stress and devastation that the Ward Family must be going through. As an operator of a one loft race how would I survive such an act of terror, for that matter how would all of the other operators across the USA and Canada respond. In the face of such evil I think that many would be so emotionally devastated that they would just give up in frustration, depression and anger.
To the Ward family I offer whatever support I can, I offer my prayers that you all may heal, my condolences, I offer my sympathy, I offer my good wishes but most important Jim and Kelly you can count on me to enter the “Hoosier Classic 2020” and every year after that. I have friends, associates, clients around the world and I encourage all of you, all of my friends, all of the supporters of “Big Andy’s One Loft Race” to breed one or even multiple teams and have them read...

Dear Friends:

What can I say I am just delighted and overjoyed with the continued support of our one loft race here in Florida.

I can not stress enough that without you, without dedicated and enthusiastic fanciers from across North America and Europe

We could never succeed.We have 1700 entries with  a full 8 days remaining for others to send entries.On any given day your entries could indeed score, but you must enter in order to win!

In our continuing efforts to make our facilities ever more pigeon friendly always more health friendly we have undertaken renovations and modifications that have kept our team very busy.

The birds are just shining I am so very pleased!

To all of our entrants “I can not do it without you”! You make Big Andy’s one loft race a success.

I look forward to  2020 and in my books each and every one of you is already a winner. Your entries in our race, and in all of the other great one loft races are what makes magic happen.

Hope to see you all here at the final race, what...

Dear Friends: It is with great sadness that I advise of the passing of   Antonio Francis Melucci on July 9th 2019, peacefully at his home in Spring Hill Florida. Throughout the racing pigeon world he was known as “Tony Melucci”.

I knew Tony well, he was loved by all who knew him. He was recognized as America’s racing pigeon “Ambassador”. He was generous ,kind  hearted, committed with a positive personality and patience for all. Tony was enormously successful

In our sport and knew everyone of consequence on virtually every continent. The sport worldwide will miss him, I will miss him. My sincerest condolences go out to his beloved wife Christiane, his four sons and all of his grandchildren

Tony’s passing is an enormous lose to his loving family and a huge, huge lose to the sport that he loved so much.

He was loved by hundreds of friends around the world.

He was often referred to as  the “Chairman of the Board” because Tony had through words and actions earned the “respect” of us al...

Dear Friends : I am pleased to report that we are currently over some 670 birds in the loft here in Florida.

Again this season we are guaranteeing $100,000.00 US ( first drop) for the winner/winners on the first drop.

The birds in house are looking great so far so I am happy. Remember as in past years we will be accepting entries until August 31 2019.

Hopefully I will make two trips to Canada to pick up entries from  Canadians in July and August.

The Big Andy winners were well received at the PIPA auction and  I am sure that these birds will do very well for their new owners.

I wanted to congratulate Jim and Kelly Ward the Founders and Operators of one of the most important races in the world the Hoosier Classic. I understand that the number of pigeons entered is some 5,302 pigeons.

What a huge success in so very short a time. Jim and Kelly Ward great people, doing a great, an incredible job of putting North American One Loft Pigeon racing on the Global map!

Simple rule you can not win if you...

Dear Friends 

Absolutely delighted to advise that there are just over 600 birds in the loft already for the 2019/2020  racing season. I am excited, the 2020 race will be a great event!

I want to thank all our entrants, all our supporters, for helping us make  the Big Andy’s One Loft  event world class. Remember that June 5th, tomorrow the winners from the 2018/2019 event will be highlighted on PIPA the worlds most exclusive pigeon auction site. Please visit the auction  at https://auctions.pipa.be/en/auction/2019-06-big-andys-one-loft-race-usa and best of luck to all of the winners. Big Andy provides winners with this unique opportunity to showcase the top birds on PIPA! It’s just an added, very special perk available to the winning breeders.

But remember you need to compete, you need to enter your birds in order to win.

2020 will be an incredible year for one loft racing and Big Andy is working hard to make 2020 even more special.

Thank you for your support together we  can...

Dear Friends:

Final call to all those participants with birds still in in  our loft.

Please you must arrange to give us your instructions as soon as possible as regards any birds that you wish to be returned.

Please contact me directly by email or on my cell. I look forward to hearing from you so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Thanks to all supporters!

Also please note we have started receiving entries for the 2019/2020 season.

2020 is going to be an exciting year.

Best Regards

Big Andy

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dear Friends: Congratulations to all of our participants and also to the winners!

Please be advised and this is very, very important no payouts will be made until we receive your completed W9 forms for Americans and for Canadians we will require your social insurance numbers.

I can not stress enough no winnings can be paid out without this important tax info on file.

Best Regards

Big Andy

Dear Friends:

Just a quick reminder that our 5th season at Big Andys that is the 2019/2020 race season will begin accepting entries on April 15, 2019.

I look forward to your continued support and I remind all of our Canadian entrants that I will be visiting Canada several times to arrange for pick up of your entries.

Hope to see you all as occasion presents itself.

Thank you for another great year of racing as we head into our 5th season.

Best Regards

Big Andy

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well, today we had the activation race. It went very well as expected, the birds made it through fast even though the weather called for an over cast. Part of the reason why we released the birds late and also to give them some good experience they will need going forward.

Now is the time for everyone to start sending their payments for the bird's activation, so that in two weeks time we will all be ready for the first race at 150 miles. Just a friendly reminder, all birds not activated by the owner will be sold! We are hoping that by Feb 27th, we will have all the money payments in so we can sort things out.

Good luck to everyone and regards!


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Dear Friends : For the past 11 days I have been shell shocked. All I could think about were the so very sad events at the Hoosier Classic and the stre...

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